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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 20, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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days after capturing a key iraqi city, isis militants are now pushing toward baghdad. >> plus, takata's airbag recall doubles in size making it the largest auto recall in history. >> why rules about women's footwear are receiving some mixed reviews at the cannes film festival. >> hello there. big welcome to viewers in the u.s. and all around the world. your last hour of the day with us. we will make it count. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." we begin this hour in baghdad where the iraqi government is making plans to recapture the key city of ramadi.
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>> isis took control of the capital in anbar province a few days ago now the terror group is pushing to the east. pentagon correspondent barbara starr reports. >> reporter: isis gaining ground not only in ramadi miles from baghdad in libya tunisia and syria. >> reporter: hundred may have been killed. >> one of the horrific aspects. as isis fighters want through the town they massacred children, wives of the townspeople. >> reporter: less than 70 miles from baghdad, ramadi extend isis' influence. some iraqi troops had to be air lifted out of the city.
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>> the iraqi army didn't have a good sense what was happening. the islamic state was making inroads over weeks and months. and ramadi was rotting from within. >> reporter: shia militiamen are gathering for possible counterattack. sunni tribes are asking for arms. despite ramadi, the white house is insisting they're making progress. >> reporter: trending in the wrong direction, there is no reliable partner to help fight isis on the ground. >> barbara starr reporting. now so far there is no timetable for iraq's plan to try to retake ramadi. cnn's correspondent joins us live from amman, jordan, with more on this developing story.
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and, for all of the fear that we have heard of iran increasing its influence it has helped push back isis. on behalf of the iraqi forces. what should we make of shia backed militias to retake ramadi. >> if we look at what has been going on, iranian backed shia militias have been serious fighting force on the ground. they heavily depended on them known as popular mobilization units. pmus. but the concern here is that they are not under one command. although iraqi officials would say the pmu's come under the command of the office of the prime minister. not necessarily on the, on the ground, is that the case. now this is not one group. these are different groups.
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there is all way the concern how the troops are going to behave when they're being sent into the sunni heartland, anbar province. something that was really unthinkable in the past. now we are seeing it happen. of course, iraqi officials are stressing this is happening after the request of, of leaders from the province itself. and tribal leaders there, asking for the support. you have seen this sort of uneasy indirect cooperation in the past. you have -- u.s.-led coalition air strikes. iranian backed militias, pmus on the ground, sunni fighters too. we have seen that work in the past in tikrit. anbar, a different game. much more complicated there, errol. >> and you are in amman, jordan, now, you spend a lot of time covering events in baghdad. based on what you have seen, how much confidence do iraqis have in al-abadi's government, not
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just how much is isis disliked by local populations. success lies on iraqi nationalism. >> you know, errol, we have said this from the minute prime minister al-abadi took office, september of last year. he has a tough task ahead of him. iraqis do seem to still rally around the government. of course, they're, there are concern. there are theories, conspiracy theories, a lot going on behind the scenes to try to undermine prime minister al abadi. iraqis support him, the most conciliatory figure they see at this point leading the country. but what he is trying to do is undo years of a very complicated situation there. the sectarian dynamics in the country. the political scene that is very complicated of course that always is reflected in the security situation. it is not an easy task for the
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prime minister. but at this point in time he still does have the support of -- of the various groups and the -- the iraqis pretty much. >> and we'll see how his plan to retake ramadi plays out now in the days and weeks to come. live for us this morning in amman, jordan. thank you. >> japanese airbag maker, takata, nearly doubling its recall in the u.s. for about 34 million vehicle. making it the largest auto recall in history. >> yeah, the u.s. transpour takes secretary says takata admits many airbag inflaters are defective. tom foreman has more. >> reporter: exploding airbags, can fire bits of metal at passengers with so much force police say some victims look as if they had been shot or stabbed. u.s. transportation secretary, anthony fox said today the recall will save lives. >> airbag inflaters we suspected did not work correctly. and we believe that they have
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been responsible for at least five deaths in the united states. awe all serious injuries too. cory burdick in an accident in florida. his lawyer says the airbag should have protected him. >> the airbag exploded, sent a piece of steel into his face, taking out one of his eyes. he is horribly disfigured. >> the manufacturer is takata one of the biggest in the word. for months takata tried to limit the recall saying the accidents occur in areas with very high humidity. the government unsatisfied with such claims, pounded takata with $1 million in fines. >> of until now, takata refused to acknowledge that their airbags are defective. that changes today. >> reporter: the most serious accidents so far involved hondas, but the recall also involves fords, chryslers, mazdas, bmws, in all 11 manufacturers and parts
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suppliers so far. the recall process could be a long one. >> the big question how long will this take? nobody knows. no question could be some years. >> the manufacturer issued a statement saying it remains committed to consumer safety. but like the government, it does not yet know why the airbags are exploding. although takata devoted tremendous resources to the efforts with some of the leading researchers in the field worldwide, it is clear that this is a complex issue which takes time to fully evaluate. if you do not know itch your call is on the recall list. go to the government website. find out. if you are on the list. officials say you should get it fixed as soon as possible. tom foreman, cnn, washington. very good advice there. takata corporation shares plummeted after the expanded recall was announced. closing more than 10% lower.
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u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon says his planned visit to north core car today was abruptly canceled by authorities in pyongyang. >> the u.n. chief was set to visit the kasong industrial complex. and calls the decision deeply regrettable. >> -- informed us through their diplomatic channel -- no explay natination was given. >> in 2013, nine young students who defected from north korea were sent back to pyongyang from
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china. >> many feared the worse. five are atenning university. four in high school. all saying their lives are bet no, s er now than before. >> will ripley spoke to the group. here is his report. >> the government gave no notice. didn't let us know we would be speaking with students who left the country separately. enned up with a missionary in china. and were repatrioted, controversially when caught trying to cross illegally into south korea. well their testimony and their stories paint a rosie picture of, life for those who return to the dprk. other defectors tell a much darker story about their lives there. the reason why government propaganda like this is trying to discredit them. >> scattering the flames of war. >> one of the worst crimes in north korea is leaving. government propaganda calls
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defectors scum of the earth and worse. criminals fleeing the country. abandoning their families. laos authority captured north korean students two years ago trying to sneak into south korea. deport to pyongyang. there were dire predictions of prison. hard labor, even execution. but here they are today. appearing healthy, relaxed, wearing uniforms worn by every north korean student. three government officials also in the room. they didn't step in and didn't need to. the students said all of the right things. >> we are studying at the best schools and the universities. living happy lives. >> each student left korea separately living with a missionary in china. the missionary told cnn in 2013, the students fled north korea searching for food and in need of health care. they looked for fish bones and rice to mix together off to make porridge. then they eat toothpaste to help
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them digest it. >> how many of you were hungry. >> at first they're reluctant to admit being a little hung rechlt the country suffered famine. it is believed millions of north koreans don't have enough to eat. the students say they were poor, not starving. curious about life on the outside. not desperate. they accused the missionary who housed and fed them two years of tricking them. a awe the missionary made us think if we went back we would be killed. we were forced to study god and read the bible. >> cnn contacted the missionary who asked about the students' well being saying he misses them. while hesitant to say much out of fear for their safety he insists the students needed his help after fleeing north korea. being back home. i am happy. i love my life. cnn did not see their actual living condition. each student insists live is
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better now than before they defected. north korea putting them in front of the cameras, as poster children of pyongyang's b benevolen benevolence. >> i feel look i was a pauper who became a prince. >> what would you say to people listening to this, who say it sound like your government is forcing you to say this? >> we were never forced to say this. >> we are not pets. >> they say pets are what they would have been had they made it to south korea. giving speeches on the horrors of their home country. just like the defectors their government calls scum. and again important to point out that these students stories contrast sharply with the test men of many defector whose have told the united nations and others about widespread human rights abuses within north korea. the north korean government though true clearly trying to send a message to the world that in fact those allegations are
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false. and that life is good for those who decide to return to north korea. will ripley, cnn, tokyo. >> well, meanwhile a terrapin farm felt the wrath of north korea's leader. according to state run media, kim jung-un, noted a number of short comings. >> he said the farm didn't pay enough attention to his late gnats before his death. the leader said the farm wasn't producing enough lobster for an upcoming celebration and blamed it on incompetent management. >> after an historic meeting with sinn fein any leader, prince charles is set to visit a site of great personal significance. a live record ahead on that. >> a cake, court ruling and major victory for activists in belfast. that's next.
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the last of three wanted bikers involved in the deadly brawl that left nine dead is back in custody in texas. the three bikers were among 170
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gang members arrested sunday. a magistrate set a $1 million bond for each suspect. but that was after authorities released the three men on a much lower bond. >> meanwhile, at the request of a local sheriff, the cossack motorcycle club called off its annual rally set for this weekend in texas. according to the "fort worth star telegram" newspaper. >> nine suspects are under arrest in connection with london's so-called hatten garden heist. they range in age from 43 to 76. the arrests came after raids in north london and kent where police say they recovered many of the stolen items. >> the theft of gems and cash from a safe deposit company happened last month in the heart of lon donedon's jewelry distri. thieves drilled through a 2 meter thick wall to get access to a basement vault. >> in a gesture of
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reconciliation between britain and sinn fein, prince charles and gerry adams met. >> adams the leader of the former political wing of the irish republican army. the i.r.a.'s vie legislator campaign against british rule ended after 30 years with a power sharing agreement in 1998. >> well in just hours, prince charles is set to visit the site where the i.r.a. killed his great uncle lord mountbatton in 1979. max foster joins us from london with more on the visit. max, the murder of lord mountbatton was shocking and brutal at the time. prince charles was very close to his great uncle. talk to us about the significance of the visit. the fact that it comes after that historic meeting between the prince and gerry adams. >> it is historic. small step in an historic process, reconciliation of the island of ireland. this was a key moment.
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because it was -- you know, leading republican, the leader of sinn fein, meeting a member of british royal family on irish soil which never happened before. today is where the personal element comes night for prince charles. because as you say, lord mountbatton was close to him. member of the royal family. but he was also prince charles' mentor. killed by the e.r.a. back in the 70s. from a bomb on a boat. prince charles has never been to where the incident happened. he is going there today. it will be very, very difficult day for him. but as i said, it plays into this peace process. >> reporter: it was a direct hit on the elite ranks of the british establishment. the i.r.a. blew up this boat in 1979. killing lord mountbatton, decorated soldier, but also a member of the british royal
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family. and a mentor to prince charles. ♪ it shattered charles and with ie conflict. gerry adams at the time condoned at take. part of a conflict that would claim thousands of lives. four decades later, the two sides tentatively reach out to each other in a crowded room. prince charles meeting gerry adams president of ireland's party, sinn fein. the first time a senior member of the british royal family has met publicly with the sinn fein leader. >> the conflict is behind us. the heart isn't behind us. i would look to think that today's engagement will be symbolic but a practical setup. >> this is the latest step towards reconciliation in hopes of a permanent peace in ireland.
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. queen paefd the way by meeting martin mcinnis on two occasions. once in northern ireland in 2012. and another time in england at windsor castle in 2014. but charles' role as the head of the british army's parachute regimen made it personal for both sides. his was the regiment involved in the killing of 13 catholic civil rights activists on the day, bloody sunday. within of the darkest moments in republican history. in a written statement, adams acknowledged charles is being bereaved by the actions of republicans. undoubtedly, a reference to mountbatton's murder. when it came to it, it looked like any handshake. but this one held in hopes for a permanent peace. so this is personal for both of
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those two men. but they're putting their feelings aside in the hopes of -- moving forward. rosemary. today will be difficult for prince charles. he will meet people involved in the rescue of which was hit by the ira bomb which killed his beloved great uncle. wait to see how the day pans out. think it will be difficult for him. >> i would think so. max foster reporting live from london. thank you for joining us. >> in two days, the republican of ireland could become the first country to legalize same sex marriage through a popular vote if the measure is adopted. >> in northern ireland, province of britain. gay rights activists scored a victory in the courthouse and bakery. isa suarez explains. >> reporter: what started as a simple on this design endeden a court case which hit the headlines around the world. on tuesday, a judge in northern ireland ruled that a gay rights activist, garrett lee had been
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unfairly diskrim nated against when a belfast bakery reap fused to fulfill his ordered for a bert and ernie cake with inscription support gay marriage. the bakery maintained it was within its rights to refuse the order, given the christian faith and belief gay marriage was wrong. >> we are extremely case pointed from the judgment. we said from the start the issue was from the message not with the customer. we didn't know what the sexual or yen taegs of mr. lee was. >> mr. lee won the support of london's equality commission, saying he felt prejudiced against. on the basis of his beliefs, or marriage. on tuesday. a judge agreed. ruling that the bakery was a commercial business. had a duty to treat everybody equally regardless of its own beliefs. >> there is no such thing as a christian company. there are christians who trade in the commercial sphere.
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once you enter into the arrangement you are bound by the laws of the land. >> reporter: gay marriage is not permitted in northern ireland. the cake in question was ordered in may 2014. for a function marking international day against homophobia. mr. lee was awarded $750. ash's bakery will appeal to a higher court. isa suarez, cnn, london. >> let's take a short break. still to come. controversy at cannes. coming up later in the show. we'll tell you why some women were turned away from the famous film festival. back in a moment.
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you are watching "cnn newsroom." your last half-hour of day with us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. it is time to check the headlines this hour. isis has raised its flag in the iraqi city of ramadi just 110 kilometers from baghdad. and the terror group is pushing farther east. meanwhile the iraqi government is mobilizing shiite militias and arming sunni tribesmen as part of the plan to retake anbar province. >> japanese airbag maker, takata, recalling 34 million vehicle in the u.s. over defective airbags. that makes this the largest auto recall in history. some airbags exploded when they deployed sending shrapnel flying at the driver and front seat passenger. at least five deaths linked to this flaw. >> the u.n. secretary-general says his planned visit to the industrial complex in north korea today was canceled by authorities in pyongyang. ban ki-moon says there was no
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explanation for the last minute change and calls the decision "deeply regrettable." >> prince charles shook hands with sinn fein leader gerry adams, the leader of the former political wing of the disbanded irish republican army to. day charles will visit the city where his great uncle lord mountbatton was killed by an i.r.a. bomb. >> we turn to protests in burundi's capital tuesday which at times became violent. the nation has been in turmoil for weeks now since the president announce heed will seek a third term. and new information just in to cnn, burundi's president has just signed a decree delaying elections by one week. meantime, thousand of people still trying to escape the trouble there. >> let's turn to diana magnay,
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traveling to tanzania, you have been spending time with those transported across lake tankanika, and the exodus from burundi will continue. tell what's you have seen there today? >> well, we are now en route to collect more refugees from this tiny strip of land called kakunga or lake tankanika across the border from burundi. over the last few weeks, over 100,000 people have fled burundi or rwanda, tanzania. but what makes the situation in kakunga so critical it is this very, very small strip of land. people have effectively been bottle-necked. so many people have crossed over. we are not quite sure why. possibly because other routes of burundi have been blocked. no way to get off the small
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strip of land except by boat. that is why we have seen a humanitarian crisis there which really aid workers have described to me as their worst possible scenario. here's what we saw when we visited kakunga yesterday. >> sticks and a flimsy rope don't hold back the really determined. it's hard for aid work tires keep any kind of order with people this desperate. >> each day we have 600 to 900 persons traveling. and but it is a huge fight to go normally because people want to get out of here any way. tens of thousand of burundian refugees crammed on the banks of the tiny fishing village of kagunga. this lake and the old retired gun ship their way out to
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refugee centers where they may have more space, food to eat, more chance of shelter. what makes the people go through this rather than stay in their home country in burundi, their presidential bid for a third term that sparked all this. the trauma of the recent civil war that sits so heavy in the burundi consciousness they are prepared to go through this to escape. >> she remembers the war well. >> translator: i saw then that any one could be targeted. this time around i didn't wait, she says. >> how long have they been here? >> unhcr says it could take 2 1/2 weeks to clear kagunga that's if no more refugees come in. >> this was like a nightmare. until now, it looks look we are going nowhere. >> reporter: but this workhorse has evacuated thousand. now a second ship brought in to help. the most vulnerable.
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mothers with babies and the very ill are boarding. she has to wait her turn. but she is resolute. she laughs when i ask her what she would like to say to her president. >> translator: what will i tell him, he has been told a few times what to do. he still hasn't listened. one man's grasping ambition coming at a huge cost for so many of his countrymen. now aid workers have been trying to bring in supplies, food and better sanitary conditions, latrines, water, but because of the incredibly overcrowded cramped conditions on kakunga they had to transport the critically ill on the boat out to where i have come from, a make shift clinic set of in a stadium. there have been confirmed cholera deaths as a result of the incredibly unsanitary conditions on kakunga. very hard to stop the spread of
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cholera when people are living so close to the sea and in such cramped conditions. i think also, errol, what's interesting to, to discuss is really -- the first of all these refugees are leaving preemptively the majority of them because of a fear of what will happen. and they fear that if -- if the president insists on this third term, the situation could degenerate. and also that most of them have actually been refugees in tanzania before -- really the vast majority of them except for the very small ones, fled here during the, the civil war which only ended a decade ago. so this -- this scenario is, is a, repeated nightmare for the people of burundi. and this decision by the president which you just reported to delay elections by a week certainly does not seem sufficient to calm the fears of his people. errol. >> yes, says so much diana about
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burundians, a jen ratigeneratios orphans because of the civil war. many know to got a better life they have to paunck up. move on. they're doing that with things not looking good back home. live for us on lake tankinika. thank you. >> a move to solving the migrant crisis in northeast asia. they will offer temporary shelter, indonesia and malaysia, as long as the international community provide resettlement and repatriotiation within a year. the development reported by malaysia's state's agency after migrants were rescued off the coast of indonesia. they are the latesten a stream of desperate people fleeing persecution and poverty in the region. myanmar's ministry of foreign affairs says it is ready to help
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prevent smuggling and illegal migration and alleviate the suffering of smuggled victims. well some historic flood is taking place in the u.s. state of texas this month. we have our meteorologist pedram javahari covering this. what depths? >> some areas, western texas, the river levels gone up 17 feet. two stories in three hours. can you imagine, two story water rise in three hours. incredible. texas dealing with the drought, almost the extent of california seeing. we have the drought monitor to show you since all the rain has come down. maybe hope for people in california if we had tremendous rainfall in some areas. >> all at once. >> causing a lot of problems. may 20, 2014. colors in california. extreme. fast forward to may 20, 2015. notice little in the exceptional drought.
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historic rainfall. not just in texas. oklahoma. arkansas. 21 inches. half a meter has come down in dallas. 6 1/2 what they expect. 21 inches came down in 2014. so again it shows the you how much rain we are talking in such a short time period. got to paint the picture. lights up like a christmas tree over areas around san antonio. 10 inches or more. just a seven day tabulation. estimated across this area of texas. notice severe weather a major issue here. in fact. reports of 27 tornados so far on tuesday. into wednesday morning. 17 out of texas. work your way off to the north. oklahoma 10 reports of tornados as well. then of course the thunderstorms abound upward of 1,300 lightning strikes what i last calculated over the region. talk about active weather over northern parts of texas. all storms have spawned hail. how about this, gee whiz story. hailstones, certified weather spotter reporting one as large
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inches in diameter. 10 sent meters. that would be grapefruit sized hail. among the biggest when you see how large the get. we pulled back archival. hailstone 8 inches diameter. volleyball sized hail falling out of the sky. insurance estimates in the united states, give it a $50 billion loss to crop and property damage. since the year 2000. hailstones alone. this one estimated to be traveling at terminal velocity. fancy way of saying speed. 120 miles an hour. something that size. volleyballs. chunk of ice. falling out of the sky. this has happened in the u.s. grape-fruit sized, falling tuesday. >> hails don't seem to be getting bigger and bigger. >> yes, put co 0 in the atmosphere. more water atmosphere. and makes sense.
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>> all right. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, pedram. >> more of the world's biggest stories after this short break. stay with us.
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breaking news into cnn right now. police say a palestinian driver has run over two officers, two police officers in jerusalem. we are going to go to oren liebermann for the latest. he joins us on the phone. oren, talk to us about what happened to the policemen, the driver and the circumstances leading up to this. >> reporter: we have basics information what happened here. police are calling this a terrorist attack. police say the driver from a palestinian neighborhood in east jerusalem attacked with his car, two police officers, border security, one male, one female. lightly, moderately wounded. a third officer standing nearby opened fire on the attacker. police say that attacker has
12:45 am
been killed by that third police officer. the two border security guard hit were rushed to the hospital. again they're lightly to moderately wounded. this happened in tour, a neighborhood in east jerusalem. a tense neighborhood. neighborhood with a lot of unrest. and this, this attack follows that unrest. follows weeks of demonstration in that neighborhood. that's the basics right now. so, again. police are calling this a terrorist attack. the driver attacked, rammed two police officers, one man, one woman. moderately wound the. third officer, opened fire at the attacker. police say killed him shortly after the ramming attack. >> all right, talking on the phone with oren liebermann in jerusalem. hearing that the two policemen are injured but they are okay. the driver who rammed into them, the palestinian driver, was killed there at the scene. errol. >> rosemary we now have this new information into the cnn newsroom. north korea claims it now has
12:46 am
the the ability to miniaturize nuclear warhead. let's get straight to will ripley joins us from toeky kyo talk about this latest development. will, what does this mean? >> well national defense commission chaired by kim jung-un, supreme leader of north korea investing tremendous money in their nuclear arsenal and military and their weapons programs. when we were in north core car i talked to a high level official. not only does north korea have nuclear weapons. he said north korea has a ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. while i was in the country, the news broke that north korea had tested a missile launch from a submarine, submarine difficult to trace and could move potentially closer to, to what north korea considers its main enemy the united states. and u.s. homeland now. this announcement, north korea can miniaturize nuclear weapons, fit them into a missile that
12:47 am
could then be launched potentially from a submarine. long-range missile. capable of striking the u.s. very concerning for the united states, the pentagon, they spoke in april about this increased danger from north korea. they believe the country has this capability, errol. >> will ripley live. apologies for the audio, use there. we wanted to got you that new information. very concerning when you kid the erratic and highly unpredictable nature of the north korean regime. thank you to will ripley. >> let's take a very short break. still to come on "cnn newsroom" -- the head of the world's soccer organization fifa meets with palestinian and israeli leaders with a peace match proposal. we'll explain.
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the head of the world football association, fifa set to meet with mahmoud abbas later today, plans to ask the palestinians to drop their proposal to suspend israel from the world futbol body. >> tuesday he met with benjamin
12:52 am
netanyahu and proposed a peace match between the israeli and palestinian national teams. the palestinian futbol association accused israel of restricting movement of its players between gaza and the west bank. israel cited security concerns for the restrictions. >> our correspondent has more on the visit. she joins me live from london. christina, the talks are the culmination of a long running dispute that fifa has been trying to navigate for some time now. is he likely to make any progress here? >> well it is difficult to say at this stage. you say it has been part of a long-running dispute now for two years, fifa have been trying to resolve. at the heart of it are complaints by the palestinian futbol association that israel has been restricting players, foreign and palestinian and equipment from moving between gaza and the west bank. they say israel have been
12:53 am
discriminatory or racist as the palestinian futbol association are calling it and saying five teams from israeli futbol league are in illegal settlements which contrave contravenes, fifa rules. he is there to set a compromise and ward of a vote on may 29th at fifa congress in europe which could mean israel could be kicked out of world futbol if complaints from the palestinian futbol association are found to be valid. you mentioned he met with president netanyahu yesterday. we don't know much, but we know there was talk of this so-called peace match between the two sides. but that does seem unlikely because yesterday the palestinian football association reiterated their intention to press ahead with the vote. so a very difficult time for president, facing re-election next week. he thinks this is an important issue. speaking during the press conference yesterday he said he was on a mission for peace.
12:54 am
take a listen. >> futbol has the the power to connect people, futbol has the power to construct bridges. i am coming here and going to your neighbors, or inside the country to try to construct bridges. and to try to, to make sure that futbol its ns not dividing but futbol is uniting. >> so, sepo blatter has gone to palestinian to continue a similar round of talks with mahmoud abbas and representatives of the palestinian futbol association to see what he can achieve there. >> we'll see what happens. christina mcfarland joining us from london. many thanks. the latest news in american football, the extra point just
12:55 am
got tougher. the national football league voted to move the kicks back to the 15 yard line for the upcoming season. >> the extra point attempts were previously snapped at the 2 yard line and were rarely missed. the league says it is trying to add a bit more excitement to the game. >> all right, if you want to gain entry into thecannes film festival, better make sure you are dressed to the nines. for women apparently that means high heels are a must. or you are not going anywhere. according to an industry report several women in their 50s and some with medical conditions were turned away from a screening for wearing flat shoes. never heard of such a thing. >> what? when asked for comment, a festival representative confirmed all women must wear high heels to red carpet showings. the festival director however denied that was the case, sent out a tweet, saying that the high reel rumor was "unfounded." >> i should hope so. not very progressive is it. >> not at all. >> looks like david letterman
12:56 am
will be ending his late night career with the same guest he started with, bill murray. the actor appeared on letterman's next-to-last late show tuesday night. the two had a very long history together. murray was the host's first guest in "late night" back in 1982. what better way to say good-bye to an old friend than covered in cake? >> no, one of the few times you can eat off of your shoe. [ applause ] >> one of the few times. so there are others. >> awesome. letterman takes his final bow wednesday. >> he does. all right you have been watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. the news continues after the break.
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♪ the largest auto recall ever. 34 million vehicles carrying air bags that could be deadly. takata admitting its defective product could be linked to five deaths and more than 100 injuries. we're live with the very latest this morning. the white house need a new strategy in fighting isis? the terrorists making new gains in iraq. the very latest there. also, new information on what might have caused a deadly biker brawl in texas. we have the latest from that remarkable scene. good morning,


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